Frequently Asked Questions

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Recruitment & Hiring

With higher education set as a target in Asia and Latin America, the literacy rate is 94 percent in those countries, making them the world’s fourth largest English-speaking nation. The combined public and private university system of Asia and Latin America produces about 700,000 students per year, many are technically skilled, with degrees in computer science and programming. At least 50% of all graduates earned degrees in business administration, marketing / communications, and other areas.

Very simply, there is an enormous amount of work being done in hiring offshore workers. We perform candidate pre-screening activities, full reference checks and take care of payroll and HR requirements.

Our highly trained recruitment team has access to vast resume databases, and advertises positions through multiple job sites where they can reach top candidates. Recruiters also check references before sending a resume to review, ensuring that you are really getting ready to interview a candidate who has the right skills set and performs at a high caliber.

Any role that can be performed virtually. Jobs that require specialized skills can easily be filled by qualified Asians and Americans. A short list of these outsourcing job roles includes graphic design, web and software developer, customer support, digital marketing, accounting and sales specialist.

No, all of our staff are looking for long-term positions with a minimum of 1 month.

Staff are going to work your preferred time zone. Full-time staff work hours with lunch break of hour and part-time staff work hours day.

Your staff work at least 20 hours per week and can work up to 40 hours per week. Staff are also available to work overtime, which is billed at the normal hourly rate.

Allow at least 3 days to sign and return the Client services Agreement and the automatic direct debit or credit card form. Once we have received these forms, we will install the time tracking software of the staff so that they are ready for their first shift.

The contractor is necessary to have a quiet place to work, usually a separate room inside the house. They also need a reliable DSL Internet connection and an up-to-date computer.

It is not uncommon for travel times to last up to 2 hours in Asia and Latin America. Working from home lessens this waste of time and lends a new mind at the beginning of each shift.

We do not provide the staff with telephone system, but there are number of VoIP phone services that can be easily set up.

Billing & Invoicing

Your first invoice is for the remaining working days of that month. This must be paid prior to your staff’s start-date On the first day of each month, you will receive an invoice with an advance payment of 1 month for the actual hours worked in the previous month. Your credit card will be charged automatically on the 5th of each month. As you can see, it is very important that all contractors are paid on time.

For companies located in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and UK are billed in Australian Dollars (AUD). For companies located in the United States, Canada and elsewhere are billed in US Dollars (USD).

We accept both Visa and Mastercard and there are no additional charges for using credit cards. Australian customers also have the option to use automatic direct debit.

You are only required to pay for hours worked, as there is no obligation to pay for sick days or holidays. However, if you would like to compensate the staff for their time off, you are welcome to do so at your discretion.

It is up to you if you want your staff to work on public holidays, but some staff may ask for time off during public holidays in the Asia anf Latin America.

Managing Your Staff

Keep lines of communication open by treating your staff as though they were in the same office and check in with them on a regular basis. Establish regular team huddles to discuss your business objectives and motivate your staff.

Use online management tools, such as Google Drive, and connect via Skype.

Many employers use what are called key performance indicators, or KPIs, to keep an employee activity record. This is a great way to figure out what everyone in your business should be striving for.

It is a necessity that all workers use our time-logging software, which allows staff to log in at the beginning of each shift and log out at the end of the day. The app tracks the behavior of your employees by taking a screen shot of their desktop every 10 minutes that is sent to you in a daily report.

Staff members are on probationary period within the first 6 months of work, during which time they can be fired by 24 hours notice. After six months, 14 days notice of termination is required.

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